Best Tips v wash during pregnancy


Hip pain is a known problem during pregnancy. Such problems are often heard from the inner-city. There are other problems that can be heard during this time. These pains make the maternity period difficult.

Research has shown that three out of every four women experience a hip pain problem during pregnancy. This problem is usually seen more at the end of pregnancy, especially in the third trimester. The pain is felt more in the mother’s womb. While this pain in the womb is not a problem for some, it can be fatal for others. Today’s health advice on the causes and remedies for pain in the hip during pregnancy.


Why does the pregnancy hurt?

* Some hormones in the body increase their excretion from the beginning of pregnancy. In this case, progesterone and relaxin hormones soften and smooth the joints and ligaments of the waist as a preparation for childbirth. This causes the mother’s body to become unstable. The weight of the joint decreases and the pain is felt when walking, sitting too much, getting down from the chair or lifting something. v wash during pregnancy.

* As the uterus grows, the body mass center changes and the abdominal muscles expand and weaken. This causes the mother’s posture to be affected and the pressure on the back.


*As the mother’s body carries extra weight, the pressure on the muscles and joints of the mother is high. This can cause back pain in the womb.


*The girls have a pair of ligaments in the pelvis known as round ligaments. It’s all about keeping the uterus in the right place. The lights are thick and small before conception. As the uterine size increases after conception, the lights expand like rubber bands and become thin. This causes the ligaments to be pulled during pregnancy and can cause pain if suddenly. This type of pain is called round ligament pain.


*When pregnant women suddenly change positions, round ligament pain can usually be felt, such as when getting up from bed or chair. It can also be painful when coughing or moving to the bed. The pain can be felt even if the physical injury is caused by the round ligament pain.


* Another cause of pain in the hip during pregnancy can be the extra pressure on the cystic nervous. The pressure of the uterus to grow during pregnancy can cause pain in the hip, buttocks or thighs when the body falls on two cystic vessels. This type of pain is called cystic.

Such pain is usually caused by the backside of the waist or the waist. It is sometimes felt that the pain is spreading to the feet. There are some reasons why this Pain can increase. For example, if you sit for a long time or stand or have something heavy.

At night, the pain is felt more. It is normal to be a cyatika during pregnancy. However, if such pain is not so severe, the doctor should be informed. Because it can be a sign of something serious.


Ways to prevent hip pain?

Prominent gynecologist and surgeon Dr. Ummul Khair Mahmood said that while there is no major damage to the coma during pregnancy, it is extremely annoying for both mother and child. That destroys peace. So we should follow the rules without neglecting them. But contacting the doctor from the beginning does not cause any problems, he added.


* Exercise is the most effective way to relieve back pain in pregnancy. Exercise strengthens your muscles and also strengthens the body’s overall health and can easily carry the baby. You can carry the baby easily and comfortably even after you gain weight. The best exercise for pregnant women is walking, swimming and cycling to come. You start doing the exercise that is good for you by consulting your doctor.
* Stretching exercises during pregnancy can help to relieve the stress. However, be careful not to rush or stretch during exercise. This can reverse the hip. Try to listen to your body all the time while exercising. Stop exercising whenever you feel uncomfortable or hurt.


*Know the relaxation techniques. You can massage with a professional. You can feel a little comfortable with massage. Light massage can help you sleep especially before you go to sleep. If you can’t find a professional, you can get your partner’s help. Massage stoic massage on your head, neck, neck, back, hands, and feet can help you to do a lot of work.


*You can put warm and cold in your pain. This will help you to relieve pain for a while. But you must consult your doctor first. First, give 20 minutes of cold compress in your pain zone for two or three days. Next, give a few more warm compresses in the same place for a few days. But, be aware, never compress cold or hot in your stomach during pregnancy.


*The spinal cord is under heavy pressure and carries extra weight. So, when you’re sitting down and working, carry a small towel along and place it in your pain spot. As long as you’re sitting, try to sit straight. This will keep you well-maintained, which will help to relieve your pain.


*Try to stand up. Pregnant mothers usually tend to be inclined. This puts more pressure on the spine. If standing upright is a bit difficult at this time, try to keep your neck on the back. Try not to stand for long. If you want to stand, sit down and rest after a while.


*You should not wear heavy things in pregnancy. If you have to pick something from the bottom, then don’t bend and sit down and then lift it. Try to carry a bag or something in the market.


* When you gain weight, on one hand, it is difficult to maintain balance and it can cause spinal pressure. Depending on how you sleep, you may have a spinal cord injury and a pain in your back. Try to sleep back on the left side during pregnancy. This will not cause blood flow to your spine as it will reduce the pressure on your spine. Also, you can use the sand between the two sides while sleeping so that the upper legs fall on the sand. You can use sand under your stomach or support it with a pillow on your back.